Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Hobbit Christmas!

I feel ashamed, its been 3 months i didn't posted anything here due freelance job and restless work not allowed me to write anything ;_; but i got several project that i like and i'm thankful for that.

Anyway, Happy Belated Christmas! i don't know what should i draw but since i still in The Hobbit mood i draw Mr. Radagast and his cute Rabbits.

Also Tolkien fanbase in my country called Eorlingas commissioned me to draw art for their The Hobbit movie event, you don't know how happy i am >.<
This is the thumbnail that i gave them, they choose number 2
This is the result:
(please click for bigger image)

At first i didn't put much wrinkles in his face based on promo pic reference but my friend said he didn't look like 50 years old, and i just realized Bilbo promo pic already photoshopped enough to erased many of this wrinkles lol (you should check character promo pic between The Hobbit movie 1 and 2).
I want this look like MAD magazine-y without too much realism but not cartoony too, did i success? i don't know but people in Eorlingas like it, and that made me happy.
Mission Accomplished.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

STGCC 2013 thank you! also some rant

Ahh long time not updating, my bad i shouldn't do this but after Popcon 2013 there a lot things to do from unfinished project to drawing some stuff for STGCC, but its all done. Thank you!

(click for larger images)

I've done Mirkwood Elves postcard, Thranduil is old doodle that i've done last year and planning to do other two (its look a bit plain....Thranduil really lucky to have that gorgeous crown so his picture is not really plain compare the other).

(click for bigger images)

If you ever draw all the dwarves, you will be appreciated their braids after that.... The Braids are beautiful but pain in the ass when drawing it, it even more difficult than Tauriel's braids, i wonder if the Dwarves actually braiding their hair themself or with somebody help....
One thing i miss in this set, i want to draw Sebastian....

STGCC 2013... some part is good some part is bad, i'm a bit conflicted LOL, not sure next year will be joined again not because i don't like it but perhaps i'm planning to travel somewhere. 
Sometimes changing your regular stuff is a good thing.

I kinda tired now, its near end of 2013 when i look back and think what i've been done in this year, i spent too much on freelance job, doing a lot job....and missed some practicing because you already tired drawing.

I'm during drawing break now, perhaps next month or November i start to drawing again. Some people told that sometimes you need to take a break (but really i don't know how longer i can stay this lol, i'm already doodling when i'm in office).

Oh but i still write something, basically i never write anything about books that i illustrated has been published (i talked a lot in twitter, but i guess pimping a bit here is ok heheee).

Anyway this is teaser for book that i've been done, now i'm waiting to be published :>

And once again, thank you for everyone who visited our booth (and thank you very much for everyone who telling me that they like my art, damn that mean so much for me :3)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Popcon 2013 Art

Actually i want to talk about my children books that already published but i'll save it later for other entry since i want to talk a bit about art that i've done for Popcon Asia 2013.

What is Popcon Asia 2013, its convention that held in Indonesia for Game, Comic, Art and other creative things enthusiast. I've been busy for some months doing another art for upcoming children books and i didn't have an idea (okay i got one, a book but i don't have time for made it) and time to doing some new stuff for Popcon, so i only did button/pins for the event.

Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, The Hobbit and Original pins.

(Game of Thrones fanart, click for bigger images)

(The Hobbit fanart, click for bigger images)

(Original, click for bigger images)

I won't post Doctor Who one because its old pics of mine.
I have love and hate relationship with Popcon, if compared with STGCC (Singapore Toys Game and Comic Convention), since they are similiar event, i still prefer STGCC.

This is my first time attending Popcon Asia as exhibitor (i attended 2012 one as participant only), and yet when first day, i already lost 2 posters that i put on my booth's wall.

TARDIS poster is old poster that i made during STGCC 2010 and i made Joffrey poster only for jokes, special for Popcon Asia 2013 (sale only by request), but its gone after the day i put them on my booth's wall...
I don't know who steal it or for what purpose, you don't have permission to take it!

Now you understand the first thing i hate about Popcon Asia 2013 among other hate, its Indonesian people behavior.....
Not only that, i found several people still ask for discount for pins that i sell when i already gave a cheap price, this is how they appreciate art.
And for other hate is personal reason i cannot write here ^^

And for love? i meet new friends, great and humble artist and i'm understand the market for Indonesian people LOL also thank you for people who came to our booth and bought something, that really precious for us.

Will i joined Popcon Asia 2014? perhaps, we'll see.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kettu and Kissa: Belated Wedding Gift for a friend

I just realized the best thing that you can give for one of your bestfriend's wedding is handmade stuff. Almost some months i'm annoyed because i don't know what should i gave to my friend for her wedding gift especially when the person that you want to give are not "you usual normal person" LOL she and her husband are pretty eccentric, so i don't want to give them usual gift with cheesy words.
Its kinda struck with me when she said "why you not made something with your drawing?"
Damn right.....i can draw, i'm illustrator and why that stuff never across in my mind. So in one month rushed, i made a custom apron (because i know both of them are like to cook) plus with napkin.

(click for bigger images)

Writing are in Finnish, i don't really know Finnish language except "Kiitos" LOL, i search some cook jokes in internet and ask my friend's husband to translate it to Finnish (without knowing for what), dunno if they realized it or not, this writing suppose to be a little bit "naughty" but i tried less cheesy XD.
They are mascot of my friend and her husband, she is purple cat and he is snow fox.

(click for larger pic)
And this one is pattern that i did for napkins, i did some mistake >< but i kinda like when its already printed in fabric <3 (pardon poor camera photoshoot)

Not bad i think, gosh i love to made product design XD, hopefully i can made it more in the future :)
And i'm glad that she and her husband like what i did for them :3

Adorable Couple XD

Monday, May 13, 2013

AFCC Sketch: One Big Story

I joined this year AFCC Sketch competition because of curiousity and that vague theme look interesting.

Okay well i'm not gonna lie, one of the reason why I joined the competition because I can draw what I want and what style that I want to use, its like... idealistic project.
Actually i have no idea what I should draw until I watched Mark Owen new single Stars and suddenly I want to draw astronaut.
Did I pleased with the result? not really, some part didn't turn into something that I imagined, probably that why some people think this is the story about little astronaut being chased by some crazy dinosaurs but the thing i really want is this little astronaut actually guided this dinosaurs to follow him and invited them to come to his space ship (AKA the red rocket behind him), oh well I think being chased by dinosaurs actually a one big story too after all (I mean how often you being chased by dinosaurs LOL).

I still have a lot of ideas I want to draw with Mark Owen's Stars (his new album will be brilliant,I like the preview), but maybe I'll save for later, since I still got 2 more competition entry for this month, whew....

I'm not sure I'll win because everyone entries are fabulous, but I will used that voucher to buy a lot lot of books XD

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Majapahit Kshatriya Varna

This game already launched for beta version :)
Here the preview video:
Link to the game is in the poster comment, below the video, or you just lazy you can click this direct link: MOKV  (but seriously you must check the video, its super awesome :D)

You must register as reviewer to play this game (Review code: Playme), the game itself is Strategy base game with Indonesian theme, made by me (i'm in charge for user interface), and my several awesome friends.
Please review and give rate (and really if you gave 10 star, i'll send flying hug and prayer from here XD)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I got my own book!

Well actually not really my own book, but i did all the book except the writing (maybe someday, i will release my own book, written by me and draw by myself).
Last two months (January and February)are busy months, there a lot of job and its impossible for me to update my own blog, art one, review book or just personal blog :(

I still have one problem about my Children book, hopefully it will get done this month *crossfinger* Anyway i get this amazing project, i know i'm almost overloaded with projects, but i cannot pass this one because i really really love this book at first time when i read the writing, and what the writer want for style.
And also i got a chance to draw animal and no human, its awesome :D

This is just sample when i pitched for the job, i just like flat colored artwork.

I cannot post sample inside since the book itself still not unpublished, if published, i will gladly to post more :D, i love playing with color and distorted drawing. 
So here the cover sample, i'm looking forward for this book ^_^