Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Paint paint paint

Horse that i've done for Majapahit online, this is actually appears on Majapahit Online trailer maybe you not notice it since its only appears for 10 seconds LOL.
I did draw several horses, but black one is my favorite.

This is the full screen of my digital painting that included those horses XD, a bit dark because the scene is in the night.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Steampunk Robot and few tutorial

Apparently i've done this for Carotene, collection artwork of graduation student of Carrot Academy but i've change my mind and decide this art will be used for DZ Magazine Special Edition.
I don't think this is my Masterpiece, i guess i can made something better than this, but here i'll show WIP of this pic.

Its not difficult to made this picture anyway, all you need to do is giving more details on lineart.
As you can see first you draw a draft, sketch, and then start to draw lineart. At column three, you should separated your lineart from background layer, colouring the lineart with brown, and add yellow colour for base.
Start to added basic colour in layer below lineart's layer. And then adding secondary colour AKA shadow, adding some colour details like few lighting colour at separated layer upper basic colour layer.
And latest touch, give simple background art, and then adding pattern.
Its done :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I remember that this is my first project that involved Wayang characters. Its shame i know but i really never know well any wayang characters or their background story, yes i know Arjuna, yes i know Gatotkaca, yes i know Semar, Petruk and Gareng (the last two names i know from Petruk-Gareng Indonesia comic, an adult comic done by Tatang S), but i don't know who their father? who their mother? etc so i really glad taken this project that made me in love with Wayang stories and their characters.

I choosed Pandawa because they are pretty popular and its not too hard to search in-depth encyclopedia about them in internet. I know people will gave me that 'look' because i took popular subject, but i don't care since its really ironic for such popular figures i didn't know anything about them.

I made this on Desain Komikasi Visual Subject, where i choose some subject and put them to many media.
I choose to made tote bag, t-shirt, bookmarks, calendar, cellphone voucher, postcards, pins/buttons, file holder, and custome brochure.

Highlights on brochure design:


If you opened the brochure, you can find profile of each Pandawa's characters. I kinda like this design though its a bit hard to opening it.

Highlight on Poscards set

Each postcards contains Pandawa's characters that explain the meaning of their simbolic personalities such as:

Yudhistira: SUSETYO Seriously leading the others four.
Bima : SANTOSA Strongly and determinedly protecting Pandawa.
Arjuna : BENER who was alert to keep the truth
Nakula : PINTER clever and skillful. No goal could be reached without a skill.
Sadewa : SUSILA & TATAKRAMA accomplished everything with the principle at high morality.
Source Joglosemar

And i forgot to mention about the calendar. Its mini calendar consist 4 monthly means only have 3 pictures in it, each picture have 4 months in it.
Every pictures i named "Sangkan, Paraning, Dumadi"
What is Sangkan Paraning Dumadi? There many ways to explain this but shorty its about birth of human, the meaning of their life and existence towards death or nothingness and complete peacefullness.
Its kinda difficult subject anyway hahahaha, but i think its a bit like Buddhism? complete the circle of life and reach nirvana.

Aaaanyway, i got many new experience and study because of this, i hope someday i got another project about Wayang again :)