Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meaning of Rough Sketch

If you check my portfolio, you will found robot concept art that i create for comic (dropped sadly, because me and the writer didn't have same idea on it). To be honest, i like to see the sketch design than clean version (this goes same for every concept artist that i like).
Maybe because they put their personalities more in their sketchy design than clean version.

Personally i like Nico Marlet works

Monday, November 21, 2011

Deviantart and Fandom world

Updating this blog again, since my friend suggested me to put my Deviantart link i guess that wasn't a bad idea.
My deviantart link mostly full with fanart from many fandom, its a site where i don't need to think what should i draw today, just draw what i likes. Drawing fanart from many fandom like American Comic, Manga, Movie, TV series or others are my guilty pleasure, its really fun to not think about bad effect for drawing fanarts than originals, drawing a characters that i like, scene that i adore, and making many more things from fandom, so if you don't mind about this, feel free to visit :)

People somehow disliking fanarts and made that like a bad things that made artist not improving.
Half of them are probably true, especially if you never try to growing your own idea, but if you can managing your way to improve your art, you also can grow from drawing fanart.

People start drawing first time by imitating object or other people artworks, so i think its good thing to draw something from fandom sometimes.

I myself start to put interest on drawing because of Mari-chan manga ^^, how about you?

Note: Oh, if you don't know what is fandom, you can check it here

Thursday, November 17, 2011

When The Flowers Never Dance Again

This one is submission for WACOM competition, i like the concept really, but i think i did this half hearted since i notice some flaw, and poor composition and fail human structure LOL. I promise myself that i will remake this picture into a better one.

Let see the failed human body part once more, lets flip this art vertically and made it b/w to see more fail, yeah see that?
Too much muscle on those ballerina hands lol, ballerina indeed have a muscles but not that muscular, also the feet look short orz, and those hand who hold a scissors? fail fingers....so much fail *facepalm*
Yeah this is the result when i did artwork rushed and quick, without noticing many failed things that i've done.

Speak about WACOM competition, did everyone know the theme is "Paradox"?. Though all the winners are amazing, i think paradox theme is too large and too complex to be a single theme.
See this winners here, and the finalist here and here.
You will see random art with so much different there from romance fantasy to children book style fantasy, mecha, surrealist, etc. This make me wonder, from what base that the jury pick the winner? skills? themes? or else?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Emily Autumn and my friend birthday

I draw Emily Autumn for my lovely friend, Maxx for his birthday gift.
Printing in postcard, i almost worried that this picture will be damaged but its doesn't, thank God....

Who is Emily Autumn? My friend introduce me to her amazing music. She is singer, violin player, illustrator, she is an artist!
Mostly her music type is somehow celtic, somehow victorian gothic alternative, and somehow she just playing instrumental.
I like everything about her, from her beautiful red hair, clothes, style and her talent. One of my favorite person.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update today~

Euh, updating this blog. Adding several link to sidebar, check it out guys~~ XD

-Portfolio is directly linked to my other portfolio site that included my works in game design, and several mobile application, i guess i also write my deviantart link there in "about" section. My deviantart...mostly have my random art including fanart from some certain... fandom.....

-Rant Blog is blog about my personal life. Including event report (yeah i love event and festival), somehow food, also random stupid rant.

-Book Review, erm...yeah...i have a hobby to buy artbook from artist that i like...

Almost done here, i think i will change some entry here and adding something. I know i have a lot of blog, but writing somehow is fun^^

BTW the fish pic that i used for portfolio link...its look like grandpa/grandma fish that have acute cough sickness....(he/she look sick...)