Thursday, November 17, 2011

When The Flowers Never Dance Again

This one is submission for WACOM competition, i like the concept really, but i think i did this half hearted since i notice some flaw, and poor composition and fail human structure LOL. I promise myself that i will remake this picture into a better one.

Let see the failed human body part once more, lets flip this art vertically and made it b/w to see more fail, yeah see that?
Too much muscle on those ballerina hands lol, ballerina indeed have a muscles but not that muscular, also the feet look short orz, and those hand who hold a scissors? fail much fail *facepalm*
Yeah this is the result when i did artwork rushed and quick, without noticing many failed things that i've done.

Speak about WACOM competition, did everyone know the theme is "Paradox"?. Though all the winners are amazing, i think paradox theme is too large and too complex to be a single theme.
See this winners here, and the finalist here and here.
You will see random art with so much different there from romance fantasy to children book style fantasy, mecha, surrealist, etc. This make me wonder, from what base that the jury pick the winner? skills? themes? or else?

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