Monday, November 21, 2011

Deviantart and Fandom world

Updating this blog again, since my friend suggested me to put my Deviantart link i guess that wasn't a bad idea.
My deviantart link mostly full with fanart from many fandom, its a site where i don't need to think what should i draw today, just draw what i likes. Drawing fanart from many fandom like American Comic, Manga, Movie, TV series or others are my guilty pleasure, its really fun to not think about bad effect for drawing fanarts than originals, drawing a characters that i like, scene that i adore, and making many more things from fandom, so if you don't mind about this, feel free to visit :)

People somehow disliking fanarts and made that like a bad things that made artist not improving.
Half of them are probably true, especially if you never try to growing your own idea, but if you can managing your way to improve your art, you also can grow from drawing fanart.

People start drawing first time by imitating object or other people artworks, so i think its good thing to draw something from fandom sometimes.

I myself start to put interest on drawing because of Mari-chan manga ^^, how about you?

Note: Oh, if you don't know what is fandom, you can check it here

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