Sunday, February 19, 2012

Still not my 10000x trying

A bit sample preview for children book pitching (well actually i added a bit more colour for the final version than this), but i didn't heard any news from the writer herself *shrugs*, dunno if it will accepted or not but i should say i kinda love the story :)
Oh well, at least i have a chance to do digital painting again :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Doodle part 2

What the thing you do when you half sleepy at office and even coffee didn't work anymore? doodling :D

Not upload any work, its bad thing because i promised myself that i'll upload something once a day, once every two days :(.
Been busy in real life, and oh about my artwork that i submit for KopiKeliling, this one?.
My work has been choosen as one of KopiKeliling Online Exhibition 2012.
I'm proud because everyone artwork are awesome, its miracle to be chosen among other fab artist, and its seems every art in online exhibition will be put on real exhibition at KopiKeliling birthday party.

Back to doodles, i like the concept, maybe i may made this into real artwork.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lets talk about MYTH

I think this is the second time i will talk about my first selfpublished postcard book, MYTH, but now i want to talk few about reason and discuss about this book interior.

Reason why i made this postcard book? Basically its because thought Indonesia have a lot of interesting mythical creature, not much people know them, both International people or Indonesian people themself. You knew about the famous Pegasus, Griffon, Kraken, Orochi, etc, but i bet you don't know much about Lembuswana, Ebu Gogo or Singa.
To introduce this to International people, i made this postcard book and selling at Singapore convention, and then by order, i started to accepting local order.
First time, i'm planned to made this into book, but i hesitated and wondering how well this book will be accepted outside Indonesian market, that why i converted this to postcard book with more simple content for trial and error.
But someday, i hope i can published a book with more pages about Indonesian Mythical Creature.

The Cover

I like red, and i think red colour is pretty outstanding colour and people will easily notice this colour from far.
In first edition (right), i used Hanacaraka, you can read it as "Dongeng", Indonesian word that have same meaning as Myth. But to be truth i don't ask person who fluent to Hanacaraka to do beta of my writing since i only used digital font in photoshop.
So to avoid a confusion if someday my postcard book reached people who understand Hanacaraka better, i changed Hanacaraka letter to "Postcard book" (left).

I provide few sample inside the postcard book:
Inside 01

Left is index page, you can see the content of this postcard book, there will be 7 creatures included in this book.

Inside 02

As you can see, left side is the back cover of the postcard, its include information of each creature beside postcard design. Right side is other front cover, its not the front cover of left picture (left side has information about Singa, while right picture show Nyi Roro Kidul art).

And the last, bonus section.
Always included a gift for buyer, in first printing that i sold at Singapore, i included mini pin that have fish bone printed on it.
I planned to do different thing for second print, so i made a bookmark. Its also have fish's bone shape like the pin :)

Why fish? its my trademark now :D

If you interested to purchasing this MYTH postcard book, you can contact me at carribian(at) or just email artmedium.conceptstore(at) and asked for MYTH postcard book :)