Sunday, February 8, 2015

Things Magazine competition

Another competition that i joined for this year (whew thats a lot....), but this one I didn't win tho. Which is fine because I myself considered that this art lack of good concept, I bet there more artist who prepared more than me (I saw one of my favorite entry among the winner, he/she deserved it ^^).
Anyway I will do better next time.

(click for larger image)

The bad I wrote before in my twitter, I lost my original PSD for this picture. Files been messy in my computer in this recent days, so when I decided to fixed it I just realized later that the PSD file is gone without I even notice when I did deleted it....orz.
My friend gave me one software to fix it, hopefully it can *crossfinger* 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Movie Poster competition

I entered local movie poster competition that held by MuviSpot, and ended at 4th place. There a lot of things dissapointing during this competition but whatever the result is, I'm pretty glad for the result especially Slumdog Millionaire version.

(click for larger image)

I decided to choose Slumdog Millionaire because i found the official poster is a bit dissapointing, they didn't even put the main cast name on it, how shameful...
I put the chair as main object because the theme on this movie even romance is the game called Who want to be Millionaire, the game that decided of main character ending. I like how this movie actually about romance but they made it didn't look like your usual romance flick, and I love everything about it, not to mention the cast and the place take in India, which is why i used Indian look for this poster, the style or pattern.

And the second poster didn't win anything, but because I made it when I really in love with the movie, I just posted here too...

(click for larger image)

God, I'm so in love with the movie. Its heavy movie, a lot of dialogues and some disturbing idea but interesting especially we get to know the love story between sentient Operating System and human, which ironically I think this can happen in future.
I used White Carnation for the symbolic "Pure Love" because its the thing that I can see between the main character and one OS called "Samantha", the computer things made me decide to pixelate the flower, and made the title "Her" using random binary code, to add "tech feel" to this poster.

I just like simple poster but tell everything, like one of my favorite movie poster remake Olly Moss.