Thursday, December 25, 2014


Merry Christmas! this year I did postcard exchange again with my friends, I'm so happy. So here is my design.

Drawing weird santa became my habit.....2012 I drew muscled santa, only in 2013 I did a bit normal Radagast from The Hobbit with santa version, and this time the santa look like a Grinch...
I will draw santa's starter pack better version for next year.

Anyway this is supposed to be paper doll but I did some mistake that the paper to clip the dress on the doll is not fit, so instead paper doll I'll just switch this into cut and glue doll.

Tadaaa~  Santa is ready to deliver the gift. If you received my postcard and get bored, feel free to cut and glue like I did ^_^. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Another Children Illustration book project

There another book where I took part as Illustrator is been released, this illustration actually done last year and have a chance to published this year.
The book title is "I Love Books"

As you can see from the title, its all about how to love read and start reading a book or even create a book which I think is a good think to built the need to read good books start from earlier ages because books give you a lot of knowledge and information.

My part called "Kado Persahabatan" (Friendship Present).

And here some clean art that I used for the book:

I'm really glad to get this opportunity to try different panel, plus I love the theme (yes, I also a bookworm).
This book already can find in local bookstore (Gramedia)and priced around Rp.120000 for 164 pages full color.
Please buy if you and your kids like it :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

STGCC 2014 post

I forgot to post something about STGCC 2014 while the event already ended, thank you for anyone who attended our booth.
I'm very tired and everything gone wrong but i'm glad my muses to draw something still not die (except Doctor Who, i wish i have more time since i got the idea but no time to do it...).
So here the Gotham Vixen, lovely lady villain/anti-hero from DC comics.

(click for bigger image)

Personally i'm a fan of Poison Ivy, i love the color and the character!

Also attempted to draw Queen Elsa from Frozen because the animation so pretty.

I wish i can draw girls again in the future :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

ArtEvent TMII 13-15 May 2014

I almost forgot to post this, this is event that i failed to attend since the location is pretty far...which is sad since one of my artwork is there...

Thank you for choose and curating my artwork, many thanks to Mr.Handoko, Mrs. Prita and Jakarta Do Art (look comfy, i want one myself)

Cakes and sweet

(click for larger images)

This is actually a pictures for my merchandise for event in August, the real one is with character but it seems i put more effort on the food itself hahahaha.
From upper left to right: Pineapple Cupcake, Chocolate cake, Strawberry Shortcake.
From lower left to right: Smoked Beef Sandiwich, Mini Fruit tart, and Green Tea Mousse cake.
The theme is food that you ate during afternoon tea, personally i'm not a sweet fans so probably i will go with sandwich, fruit tart, and green tea mousse cake, and pineapple cucpcake.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Hobbit fanbook

Recently my friend who is The Hobbit and general Tolkien fans invited me to her fanbook project. Its been a long time i didn't make any comic so its a bit mess hahahaha also i always have no luck when having comic project either the project dropped or the client is running away without pay.
Its a bit mess a lot, but i enjoyed it. I used semi-manga style since that style currently i comfortable with when i draw comic also my story made me draw a lot...lot lot of trees until i think maybe i can get trauma to draw trees after this LOL but its ok, it can be a practice for me (and somehow i kind found its more fun to draw trees than a person).

I'll just put 2 sample pages here:

(just click for larger images)

You can order the book online, more information is here and there a lot lot of amazing artist joined it (yes that great until i feel my own comic probably ugliest LOL nah, i pretty confidence about my own story tho). So yeah, please take a look :) 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Study value

Recently i joined another drawing course again last year, this one is the task they tell me to do. I kinda still don't understand value or color, I think I need to draw more something like this....


Our lecturer just told us to do distortion version and cartoon-y face based on reference, reference only used for color pick. I gladly doing some mean girls face :D (I love bitchy sass face ok, maybe that why I like some villain character, they bring greatest expression than the protagonist XD)