Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mobile Game 02

Another Pixel post, i hope no one bored with all this pixel art post lol. Today i posted another pixel based mobile game again. This game requested by some mobile content company and already released, a puzzle based game.

Pardon for the watermark again. As you can see the title of this game is Gardenia Song, to put it simple, this is puzzle game using music tone as base :D.

One thing i like about this game, i have a chance to draw several character's face for dialogue scene, like dating simulation game LOL (click image for bigger size).

And this is finished image during interaction scene, there three characters will appears on it including the elf and the forest Goddess.

Game play, i guess its about 8-10 level? i just realized that this game is pretty hard to play, probably i put too much effort on designing complicated things but not realized how difficult that game. Someday, i hope i can fix this game....

Love the main female character that i create here and only her who has a name, her name is Cassis. I liked her design very much and re-draw her twice, and this is one of them (also post this on my DA page)

Beside the difficulty on this game, Gardenia Song definitely one of my favorite game that i've been created because i have a chance to create a characters that i like, all of them, and then using my favorite colour palette. If there any chance someday i want to remake this.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pixel Art

Lets talk more about pixel art, i know pixel art when i started to working at mobile game pixel base industry. Before that? i don't even know what is pixel art.
There so many people makes awesome pixel art, you cannot take easy on this kind of thing because its need patience, a lot especially when you putting so much details.
Its tiring, need a lot of practise, but if you could do it better, the result will be awesome.

This is a few project that i made, job offer from a friend. Sorry for the watermark, its kinda annoying, but i need to do this so nobody steal it (i don't know if there anyone who want to steal this but its good to be more alert, right?)

The theme is Halloween, i think this one is the biggest pixel background that i ever made.
Not only that i also made few animated pixel like this:

Its only 2 frame animation, easy one :). I got 3 frame animation pixel but when i tried to post here, i dunno why it not worked....

Saturday, January 28, 2012

FlooD! Kopi Keliling Online Exhibition 2012

Made this art for KopiKeliling Online Exhibition 2012.

*sigh* I made this art hurried, because i mistaken the deadline date 22 January as 21 January, how silly....
I like this concept, but i'm not that satisfied... there something i can add more in this picture, like house's details and adding more vehicle and more. I hope i can add it in next drawing...
At least i tried, choose or not choosen that was later matter.
My concept is about "Flood that always happen in every 5 years at my city (Jakarta)", that was the thing that made me worried in 2012.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keris Mpu Gandring

Made this for my friend's book about tale of Ken Arok and Ken Dedes, the mythical Keris that made by Mpu Gandring, never complete.
My friend book theme is hope, but i'm not really dig a hope about Arok and Dedes because i think both of them is not have romantic relationship at all. So i made this darker version of hope, greed.

More info about this Keris legend, you can read it here
i wonder if this keris still out there, who own it?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mobile Game 01

Because this game already published i think its alright to put few images here.
Pixel Art based mobile game, this is not only game that i've done. I think i will make another post about my pixel arts :)

This game is puzzle game, the basic is same with tetris but this time you need matched pattern block to get rid them from the tube. As always Game Over if the blocks fulled your candy tank^^. Easy Game.

Splash Screen~~

(click for larger image)
A few Menu Screen, Information screen before you play so you know the obstacle that will appears, also Game Play (forgot to mention when you hit same block, not only you will get rid that block but also hit the score to gain highest score each level), and Game Over :D

This one is my favorite project that i ever done <3

Monday, January 2, 2012


Back online again, after long holiday whew!

(ol' pic since i don't have time to made new one, sorry! m(_ _)m its fanart from BBC Sherlock, cool show)