Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pixel Art

Lets talk more about pixel art, i know pixel art when i started to working at mobile game pixel base industry. Before that? i don't even know what is pixel art.
There so many people makes awesome pixel art, you cannot take easy on this kind of thing because its need patience, a lot especially when you putting so much details.
Its tiring, need a lot of practise, but if you could do it better, the result will be awesome.

This is a few project that i made, job offer from a friend. Sorry for the watermark, its kinda annoying, but i need to do this so nobody steal it (i don't know if there anyone who want to steal this but its good to be more alert, right?)

The theme is Halloween, i think this one is the biggest pixel background that i ever made.
Not only that i also made few animated pixel like this:

Its only 2 frame animation, easy one :). I got 3 frame animation pixel but when i tried to post here, i dunno why it not worked....

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