Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another children book

Another Children Illustration Book that i currently working on, this one is kinda hmm....hard since the theme is sort of carnival, so there will be a lot of crowd.
And then i'm trying new style of coloring, i still confused about my own style but i think i will just drawing, experimenting again till i found one :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Project that given by my boss, a mural concept for someone office. Even i know its still a rough and sample art, my brain keep nudging me to fixing those bird and flower that didn't look like lotus at all LOL.
But i did plan to fix it if they approved this one, dunno but i hope they do approve, i never know what my art like when painted in the wall.

sample 01
sample 02
wall application
(click for larger image, as usual)

Don't know which one better so i provided two colors, i hope i can do another alternative design but i didn't get much time.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Banner and Game Play Post

I need to reminded myself that i should posted here regularly, smack that lazyness!
Put here two of my artworks:

(click for bigger image, this pic is kinda larger and long)
This artwork is used for Bening Lara head banner, although i kinda dissapointed that the webdesigner didn't put the banner moving so the art its kinda cut out, plus they didn't let me re-design the website so it will fit to picture. The picture is actually Bhavacharaka/Bhavacakra, which is confused me at first about the request since Bhavacharaka is usually drawn vertically not landscape banner style so the viewer can see the whole circle, so its kinda confusing first how to made it look like banner without cut the important part, so i just made it look like birth-to-die-and-then-nirvana like from left to right.

(click again for bigger image)
Test image for game concept background, i created new landscape and cloud but the sea is just crop from my previous artwork, if this is get green light and into production i will re-draw the sea. Until now i didn't hear anymore news from the requested, kinda dissapointed since i like this concept very much.
Hopefully one day...

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Hobbit

I really have fun to draw The Hobbit fanart, really excited about this movie although i never read the novel. What new things in The Hobbit? i really like the dwarfs especially Fili and Kili (perhaps because i like brother like twins, though they not twins....isn't it?).
And of course Thranduil, Legolas's father who dislike dwarf but Legolas having a good friend with Gimli, quite irony....
December, come soon.

Fili and Kili

(click image for bigger size)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Post STGCC 2012 and Doctor Who

Oh Dear, and i feel need to make separated post about this and my gloomy rant, because i don't want this to be affected by too much negative vibe from earlier Johnny Cash XD. I made this for STGCC (Singapore Toys Game and Comic Convention) 2012 Doctor Who button. The Square one is promo at Deviantart and here i show you the raw version of Idris and Dalek, i try new brush its very fun! I really love Doctor Who, its great show. Clicky-clicky the images if you want to see larger version :)

God's Gonna Cut You Down

Today i feel very gloomy for some real life reason, and i don't know why i want to draw Johnny Cash, i'm not even a fan of him, but his God's Gonna Cut You Down is like repeated all over and over in my head, and i really feel sad, anger, lonely, confused, and many negative things, so sorry Mr. Cash, i didn't plan to make your face have negative vibe all over it, but to be honest its give me a bit relieve.
I didn't feel to post the the left side version of Johnny Cash since its....really look disturbing, i guess what i writer there is full of tension of what i felt now, and somehow its look like i want to kill someone LOL

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Its Free Stuff


Click the images for larger view.
Illustration that i draw for free postcard at STGCC 2012, I kinda satisfied with the girls but not really when i think actually i can put more female with different body size and skin.
And the left one, i kinda don't like the result but i like the words in it, i founded it on Tumblr and i just hope people who get this postcard will do what written in it.
I printed two other pictures as postcard but i think i already put the images on earlier entry, its Mr.Owl and The Shoes Club.

If you visited my and my friends booth G-25 "MAHARANI" don't forget to pick up this free postcard ^_^

Sunday, July 29, 2012


(click for bigger images)

A friend offered me to put my art to some merchandise and sell it on her store, so here we are. I already posted some of art that used as the cover in this blog. Its a A5 blank notebook that can be used for notes or sketch, i thanked everyone who bought this, also if you interested you can contact my email :) (Also for someone who bought A3 print of those Lady in the Water pic, thanks!)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Something that you called "Comic"

I ever posted some mechanical vehicle design here that i said its from a comic that i've been working on but never finished it. So today i posted some of pages that i've been finished it.

(just click the picture to view larger picture)

This are just some few pages, the writer asked me to draw some manga, i do manga too before i explored into character design and fine art so i agree on it.
It turns i didn't agree in a way he write the script, while he said he want to make manga, it didn't look like a manga in the script, probably i shouldn't argue with there something that made me feel enough to worked with him.

Not only that, i've been worked as comic drafter too for a month, but my writer have his own problem about the publishing and our inker dropped the project so we hold this comic for a while until everything fine again (actually i finished the draft until 3 chapter, 78 pages).

There so much problem when i worked comic stuff, as illustrator or just a drafter, and sometimes it makes me thinking, wonder if someone offer me comic job again, will i accept it? 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Doodle: Merida from Brave

I love Merida from Brave, i don't care bad thing that people said about the movie, i like her character and her relationship with her mother. Its inspiring movie for mother-daughter relationship, plus strong character. You should see it :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Illustration Rally: Album Cover remake

 I'm doing this for Illustration Rally challenge submission, the theme is to Album cover remake, i choose Janelle Monae's The Archandroid (i'm the mood for hip-jazz song like that, though i don't know if her music can called Jazz, i love music but my knowledge about music genre is poor). Uh actually before it turn like this, i put black and white color which i don't felt it would fit because its look cold, sound so wrong. So i choose warm color like brown because this is why i felt about Janelle's music, warm, fun, funky and hip, and a music made you want to dance or just sipping a coffee listened to good music in New Orleans style cafe.

If you curious this the black and white version:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

AtAmerica T-shirt design competition

This is artwork that i've done for AtAmerica t-shirt design competition, didn't won but i kinda like it. I forgot the theme of the competition but i guess is about relationship between America and Indonesia. I choose coffee for base because both American and Indonesian have same addiction of coffee, and both of them also have their own specialized coffee. The fume from the coffee made a handgrip picture from both hands. Left one is America, right one is Indonesia.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book Cover and other things

Book cover for Nuansa Cendekia, i can't wait to get it printed ^^ Also remember about Wacom Speed competition? i did win 3rd place. That was miracle... And for Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention 2012, i think i will make some book crossover between fairy tale and robot steampunk (no, the human didn't wore any steampunk related dress). I hope i can make this project ASAP

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wacom Speed Drawing Competition

Last Saturday i joined WACOM Speed Drawing competition, its between want to join or not, i'm nervous type who rarely draw in public, too much negative thinking but in the end i tried it too.

This is what i made during competition *facepalm* i know i'm a slowpoke, and my mind goes blank when i tried to draw something (plus no practice), so many great artist joined the competition. If i win that will be a miracle lol.
Well at least, once again i'm joined, win or lose doesn't matter.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Still not my 10000x trying

A bit sample preview for children book pitching (well actually i added a bit more colour for the final version than this), but i didn't heard any news from the writer herself *shrugs*, dunno if it will accepted or not but i should say i kinda love the story :)
Oh well, at least i have a chance to do digital painting again :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Doodle part 2

What the thing you do when you half sleepy at office and even coffee didn't work anymore? doodling :D

Not upload any work, its bad thing because i promised myself that i'll upload something once a day, once every two days :(.
Been busy in real life, and oh about my artwork that i submit for KopiKeliling, this one?.
My work has been choosen as one of KopiKeliling Online Exhibition 2012.
I'm proud because everyone artwork are awesome, its miracle to be chosen among other fab artist, and its seems every art in online exhibition will be put on real exhibition at KopiKeliling birthday party.

Back to doodles, i like the concept, maybe i may made this into real artwork.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lets talk about MYTH

I think this is the second time i will talk about my first selfpublished postcard book, MYTH, but now i want to talk few about reason and discuss about this book interior.

Reason why i made this postcard book? Basically its because thought Indonesia have a lot of interesting mythical creature, not much people know them, both International people or Indonesian people themself. You knew about the famous Pegasus, Griffon, Kraken, Orochi, etc, but i bet you don't know much about Lembuswana, Ebu Gogo or Singa.
To introduce this to International people, i made this postcard book and selling at Singapore convention, and then by order, i started to accepting local order.
First time, i'm planned to made this into book, but i hesitated and wondering how well this book will be accepted outside Indonesian market, that why i converted this to postcard book with more simple content for trial and error.
But someday, i hope i can published a book with more pages about Indonesian Mythical Creature.

The Cover

I like red, and i think red colour is pretty outstanding colour and people will easily notice this colour from far.
In first edition (right), i used Hanacaraka, you can read it as "Dongeng", Indonesian word that have same meaning as Myth. But to be truth i don't ask person who fluent to Hanacaraka to do beta of my writing since i only used digital font in photoshop.
So to avoid a confusion if someday my postcard book reached people who understand Hanacaraka better, i changed Hanacaraka letter to "Postcard book" (left).

I provide few sample inside the postcard book:
Inside 01

Left is index page, you can see the content of this postcard book, there will be 7 creatures included in this book.

Inside 02

As you can see, left side is the back cover of the postcard, its include information of each creature beside postcard design. Right side is other front cover, its not the front cover of left picture (left side has information about Singa, while right picture show Nyi Roro Kidul art).

And the last, bonus section.
Always included a gift for buyer, in first printing that i sold at Singapore, i included mini pin that have fish bone printed on it.
I planned to do different thing for second print, so i made a bookmark. Its also have fish's bone shape like the pin :)

Why fish? its my trademark now :D

If you interested to purchasing this MYTH postcard book, you can contact me at carribian(at) or just email artmedium.conceptstore(at) and asked for MYTH postcard book :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mobile Game 02

Another Pixel post, i hope no one bored with all this pixel art post lol. Today i posted another pixel based mobile game again. This game requested by some mobile content company and already released, a puzzle based game.

Pardon for the watermark again. As you can see the title of this game is Gardenia Song, to put it simple, this is puzzle game using music tone as base :D.

One thing i like about this game, i have a chance to draw several character's face for dialogue scene, like dating simulation game LOL (click image for bigger size).

And this is finished image during interaction scene, there three characters will appears on it including the elf and the forest Goddess.

Game play, i guess its about 8-10 level? i just realized that this game is pretty hard to play, probably i put too much effort on designing complicated things but not realized how difficult that game. Someday, i hope i can fix this game....

Love the main female character that i create here and only her who has a name, her name is Cassis. I liked her design very much and re-draw her twice, and this is one of them (also post this on my DA page)

Beside the difficulty on this game, Gardenia Song definitely one of my favorite game that i've been created because i have a chance to create a characters that i like, all of them, and then using my favorite colour palette. If there any chance someday i want to remake this.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pixel Art

Lets talk more about pixel art, i know pixel art when i started to working at mobile game pixel base industry. Before that? i don't even know what is pixel art.
There so many people makes awesome pixel art, you cannot take easy on this kind of thing because its need patience, a lot especially when you putting so much details.
Its tiring, need a lot of practise, but if you could do it better, the result will be awesome.

This is a few project that i made, job offer from a friend. Sorry for the watermark, its kinda annoying, but i need to do this so nobody steal it (i don't know if there anyone who want to steal this but its good to be more alert, right?)

The theme is Halloween, i think this one is the biggest pixel background that i ever made.
Not only that i also made few animated pixel like this:

Its only 2 frame animation, easy one :). I got 3 frame animation pixel but when i tried to post here, i dunno why it not worked....

Saturday, January 28, 2012

FlooD! Kopi Keliling Online Exhibition 2012

Made this art for KopiKeliling Online Exhibition 2012.

*sigh* I made this art hurried, because i mistaken the deadline date 22 January as 21 January, how silly....
I like this concept, but i'm not that satisfied... there something i can add more in this picture, like house's details and adding more vehicle and more. I hope i can add it in next drawing...
At least i tried, choose or not choosen that was later matter.
My concept is about "Flood that always happen in every 5 years at my city (Jakarta)", that was the thing that made me worried in 2012.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keris Mpu Gandring

Made this for my friend's book about tale of Ken Arok and Ken Dedes, the mythical Keris that made by Mpu Gandring, never complete.
My friend book theme is hope, but i'm not really dig a hope about Arok and Dedes because i think both of them is not have romantic relationship at all. So i made this darker version of hope, greed.

More info about this Keris legend, you can read it here
i wonder if this keris still out there, who own it?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mobile Game 01

Because this game already published i think its alright to put few images here.
Pixel Art based mobile game, this is not only game that i've done. I think i will make another post about my pixel arts :)

This game is puzzle game, the basic is same with tetris but this time you need matched pattern block to get rid them from the tube. As always Game Over if the blocks fulled your candy tank^^. Easy Game.

Splash Screen~~

(click for larger image)
A few Menu Screen, Information screen before you play so you know the obstacle that will appears, also Game Play (forgot to mention when you hit same block, not only you will get rid that block but also hit the score to gain highest score each level), and Game Over :D

This one is my favorite project that i ever done <3

Monday, January 2, 2012


Back online again, after long holiday whew!

(ol' pic since i don't have time to made new one, sorry! m(_ _)m its fanart from BBC Sherlock, cool show)