Saturday, December 8, 2012

Banner and Game Play Post

I need to reminded myself that i should posted here regularly, smack that lazyness!
Put here two of my artworks:

(click for bigger image, this pic is kinda larger and long)
This artwork is used for Bening Lara head banner, although i kinda dissapointed that the webdesigner didn't put the banner moving so the art its kinda cut out, plus they didn't let me re-design the website so it will fit to picture. The picture is actually Bhavacharaka/Bhavacakra, which is confused me at first about the request since Bhavacharaka is usually drawn vertically not landscape banner style so the viewer can see the whole circle, so its kinda confusing first how to made it look like banner without cut the important part, so i just made it look like birth-to-die-and-then-nirvana like from left to right.

(click again for bigger image)
Test image for game concept background, i created new landscape and cloud but the sea is just crop from my previous artwork, if this is get green light and into production i will re-draw the sea. Until now i didn't hear anymore news from the requested, kinda dissapointed since i like this concept very much.
Hopefully one day...

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