Sunday, September 9, 2012

Post STGCC 2012 and Doctor Who

Oh Dear, and i feel need to make separated post about this and my gloomy rant, because i don't want this to be affected by too much negative vibe from earlier Johnny Cash XD. I made this for STGCC (Singapore Toys Game and Comic Convention) 2012 Doctor Who button. The Square one is promo at Deviantart and here i show you the raw version of Idris and Dalek, i try new brush its very fun! I really love Doctor Who, its great show. Clicky-clicky the images if you want to see larger version :)

God's Gonna Cut You Down

Today i feel very gloomy for some real life reason, and i don't know why i want to draw Johnny Cash, i'm not even a fan of him, but his God's Gonna Cut You Down is like repeated all over and over in my head, and i really feel sad, anger, lonely, confused, and many negative things, so sorry Mr. Cash, i didn't plan to make your face have negative vibe all over it, but to be honest its give me a bit relieve.
I didn't feel to post the the left side version of Johnny Cash since its....really look disturbing, i guess what i writer there is full of tension of what i felt now, and somehow its look like i want to kill someone LOL