Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wacom Speed Drawing Competition

Last Saturday i joined WACOM Speed Drawing competition, its between want to join or not, i'm nervous type who rarely draw in public, too much negative thinking but in the end i tried it too.

This is what i made during competition *facepalm* i know i'm a slowpoke, and my mind goes blank when i tried to draw something (plus no practice), so many great artist joined the competition. If i win that will be a miracle lol.
Well at least, once again i'm joined, win or lose doesn't matter.


  1. Fransisca, this is great! I'm proud of you for joining the competition. Nuff facepalmin! Seriously, you and I need to have some confidence and kick the anxiety. You're a great artist! You have skill and great ideas!

  2. Yes, you and me and other great artist that have anxiety, we need to fight it. Thank you very much, you too!