Saturday, July 21, 2012

Something that you called "Comic"

I ever posted some mechanical vehicle design here that i said its from a comic that i've been working on but never finished it. So today i posted some of pages that i've been finished it.

(just click the picture to view larger picture)

This are just some few pages, the writer asked me to draw some manga, i do manga too before i explored into character design and fine art so i agree on it.
It turns i didn't agree in a way he write the script, while he said he want to make manga, it didn't look like a manga in the script, probably i shouldn't argue with there something that made me feel enough to worked with him.

Not only that, i've been worked as comic drafter too for a month, but my writer have his own problem about the publishing and our inker dropped the project so we hold this comic for a while until everything fine again (actually i finished the draft until 3 chapter, 78 pages).

There so much problem when i worked comic stuff, as illustrator or just a drafter, and sometimes it makes me thinking, wonder if someone offer me comic job again, will i accept it? 

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