Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mobile Game 02

Another Pixel post, i hope no one bored with all this pixel art post lol. Today i posted another pixel based mobile game again. This game requested by some mobile content company and already released, a puzzle based game.

Pardon for the watermark again. As you can see the title of this game is Gardenia Song, to put it simple, this is puzzle game using music tone as base :D.

One thing i like about this game, i have a chance to draw several character's face for dialogue scene, like dating simulation game LOL (click image for bigger size).

And this is finished image during interaction scene, there three characters will appears on it including the elf and the forest Goddess.

Game play, i guess its about 8-10 level? i just realized that this game is pretty hard to play, probably i put too much effort on designing complicated things but not realized how difficult that game. Someday, i hope i can fix this game....

Love the main female character that i create here and only her who has a name, her name is Cassis. I liked her design very much and re-draw her twice, and this is one of them (also post this on my DA page)

Beside the difficulty on this game, Gardenia Song definitely one of my favorite game that i've been created because i have a chance to create a characters that i like, all of them, and then using my favorite colour palette. If there any chance someday i want to remake this.

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