Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Hobbit fanbook

Recently my friend who is The Hobbit and general Tolkien fans invited me to her fanbook project. Its been a long time i didn't make any comic so its a bit mess hahahaha also i always have no luck when having comic project either the project dropped or the client is running away without pay.
Its a bit mess a lot, but i enjoyed it. I used semi-manga style since that style currently i comfortable with when i draw comic also my story made me draw a lot...lot lot of trees until i think maybe i can get trauma to draw trees after this LOL but its ok, it can be a practice for me (and somehow i kind found its more fun to draw trees than a person).

I'll just put 2 sample pages here:

(just click for larger images)

You can order the book online, more information is here and there a lot lot of amazing artist joined it (yes that great until i feel my own comic probably ugliest LOL nah, i pretty confidence about my own story tho). So yeah, please take a look :) 

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