Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update today~

Euh, updating this blog. Adding several link to sidebar, check it out guys~~ XD

-Portfolio is directly linked to my other portfolio site that included my works in game design, and several mobile application, i guess i also write my deviantart link there in "about" section. My deviantart...mostly have my random art including fanart from some certain... fandom.....

-Rant Blog is blog about my personal life. Including event report (yeah i love event and festival), somehow food, also random stupid rant.

-Book Review, erm...yeah...i have a hobby to buy artbook from artist that i like...

Almost done here, i think i will change some entry here and adding something. I know i have a lot of blog, but writing somehow is fun^^

BTW the fish pic that i used for portfolio link...its look like grandpa/grandma fish that have acute cough sickness....(he/she look sick...)

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