Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Steampunk Robot and few tutorial

Apparently i've done this for Carotene, collection artwork of graduation student of Carrot Academy but i've change my mind and decide this art will be used for DZ Magazine Special Edition.
I don't think this is my Masterpiece, i guess i can made something better than this, but here i'll show WIP of this pic.

Its not difficult to made this picture anyway, all you need to do is giving more details on lineart.
As you can see first you draw a draft, sketch, and then start to draw lineart. At column three, you should separated your lineart from background layer, colouring the lineart with brown, and add yellow colour for base.
Start to added basic colour in layer below lineart's layer. And then adding secondary colour AKA shadow, adding some colour details like few lighting colour at separated layer upper basic colour layer.
And latest touch, give simple background art, and then adding pattern.
Its done :)


  1. Found you through DZMagz. I absolutely love this picture! Thanks!