Monday, July 8, 2013

Popcon 2013 Art

Actually i want to talk about my children books that already published but i'll save it later for other entry since i want to talk a bit about art that i've done for Popcon Asia 2013.

What is Popcon Asia 2013, its convention that held in Indonesia for Game, Comic, Art and other creative things enthusiast. I've been busy for some months doing another art for upcoming children books and i didn't have an idea (okay i got one, a book but i don't have time for made it) and time to doing some new stuff for Popcon, so i only did button/pins for the event.

Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, The Hobbit and Original pins.

(Game of Thrones fanart, click for bigger images)

(The Hobbit fanart, click for bigger images)

(Original, click for bigger images)

I won't post Doctor Who one because its old pics of mine.
I have love and hate relationship with Popcon, if compared with STGCC (Singapore Toys Game and Comic Convention), since they are similiar event, i still prefer STGCC.

This is my first time attending Popcon Asia as exhibitor (i attended 2012 one as participant only), and yet when first day, i already lost 2 posters that i put on my booth's wall.

TARDIS poster is old poster that i made during STGCC 2010 and i made Joffrey poster only for jokes, special for Popcon Asia 2013 (sale only by request), but its gone after the day i put them on my booth's wall...
I don't know who steal it or for what purpose, you don't have permission to take it!

Now you understand the first thing i hate about Popcon Asia 2013 among other hate, its Indonesian people behavior.....
Not only that, i found several people still ask for discount for pins that i sell when i already gave a cheap price, this is how they appreciate art.
And for other hate is personal reason i cannot write here ^^

And for love? i meet new friends, great and humble artist and i'm understand the market for Indonesian people LOL also thank you for people who came to our booth and bought something, that really precious for us.

Will i joined Popcon Asia 2014? perhaps, we'll see.

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