Tuesday, September 24, 2013

STGCC 2013 thank you! also some rant

Ahh long time not updating, my bad i shouldn't do this but after Popcon 2013 there a lot things to do from unfinished project to drawing some stuff for STGCC, but its all done. Thank you!

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I've done Mirkwood Elves postcard, Thranduil is old doodle that i've done last year and planning to do other two (its look a bit plain....Thranduil really lucky to have that gorgeous crown so his picture is not really plain compare the other).

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If you ever draw all the dwarves, you will be appreciated their braids after that.... The Braids are beautiful but pain in the ass when drawing it, it even more difficult than Tauriel's braids, i wonder if the Dwarves actually braiding their hair themself or with somebody help....
One thing i miss in this set, i want to draw Sebastian....

STGCC 2013... some part is good some part is bad, i'm a bit conflicted LOL, not sure next year will be joined again not because i don't like it but perhaps i'm planning to travel somewhere. 
Sometimes changing your regular stuff is a good thing.

I kinda tired now, its near end of 2013 when i look back and think what i've been done in this year, i spent too much on freelance job, doing a lot job....and missed some practicing because you already tired drawing.

I'm during drawing break now, perhaps next month or November i start to drawing again. Some people told that sometimes you need to take a break (but really i don't know how longer i can stay this lol, i'm already doodling when i'm in office).

Oh but i still write something, basically i never write anything about books that i illustrated has been published (i talked a lot in twitter, but i guess pimping a bit here is ok heheee).

Anyway this is teaser for book that i've been done, now i'm waiting to be published :>

And once again, thank you for everyone who visited our booth (and thank you very much for everyone who telling me that they like my art, damn that mean so much for me :3)

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