Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Hobbit Christmas!

I feel ashamed, its been 3 months i didn't posted anything here due freelance job and restless work not allowed me to write anything ;_; but i got several project that i like and i'm thankful for that.

Anyway, Happy Belated Christmas! i don't know what should i draw but since i still in The Hobbit mood i draw Mr. Radagast and his cute Rabbits.

Also Tolkien fanbase in my country called Eorlingas commissioned me to draw art for their The Hobbit movie event, you don't know how happy i am >.<
This is the thumbnail that i gave them, they choose number 2
This is the result:
(please click for bigger image)

At first i didn't put much wrinkles in his face based on promo pic reference but my friend said he didn't look like 50 years old, and i just realized Bilbo promo pic already photoshopped enough to erased many of this wrinkles lol (you should check character promo pic between The Hobbit movie 1 and 2).
I want this look like MAD magazine-y without too much realism but not cartoony too, did i success? i don't know but people in Eorlingas like it, and that made me happy.
Mission Accomplished.

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