Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kettu and Kissa: Belated Wedding Gift for a friend

I just realized the best thing that you can give for one of your bestfriend's wedding is handmade stuff. Almost some months i'm annoyed because i don't know what should i gave to my friend for her wedding gift especially when the person that you want to give are not "you usual normal person" LOL she and her husband are pretty eccentric, so i don't want to give them usual gift with cheesy words.
Its kinda struck with me when she said "why you not made something with your drawing?"
Damn right.....i can draw, i'm illustrator and why that stuff never across in my mind. So in one month rushed, i made a custom apron (because i know both of them are like to cook) plus with napkin.

(click for bigger images)

Writing are in Finnish, i don't really know Finnish language except "Kiitos" LOL, i search some cook jokes in internet and ask my friend's husband to translate it to Finnish (without knowing for what), dunno if they realized it or not, this writing suppose to be a little bit "naughty" but i tried less cheesy XD.
They are mascot of my friend and her husband, she is purple cat and he is snow fox.

(click for larger pic)
And this one is pattern that i did for napkins, i did some mistake >< but i kinda like when its already printed in fabric <3 (pardon poor camera photoshoot)

Not bad i think, gosh i love to made product design XD, hopefully i can made it more in the future :)
And i'm glad that she and her husband like what i did for them :3

Adorable Couple XD

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