Monday, May 13, 2013

AFCC Sketch: One Big Story

I joined this year AFCC Sketch competition because of curiousity and that vague theme look interesting.

Okay well i'm not gonna lie, one of the reason why I joined the competition because I can draw what I want and what style that I want to use, its like... idealistic project.
Actually i have no idea what I should draw until I watched Mark Owen new single Stars and suddenly I want to draw astronaut.
Did I pleased with the result? not really, some part didn't turn into something that I imagined, probably that why some people think this is the story about little astronaut being chased by some crazy dinosaurs but the thing i really want is this little astronaut actually guided this dinosaurs to follow him and invited them to come to his space ship (AKA the red rocket behind him), oh well I think being chased by dinosaurs actually a one big story too after all (I mean how often you being chased by dinosaurs LOL).

I still have a lot of ideas I want to draw with Mark Owen's Stars (his new album will be brilliant,I like the preview), but maybe I'll save for later, since I still got 2 more competition entry for this month, whew....

I'm not sure I'll win because everyone entries are fabulous, but I will used that voucher to buy a lot lot of books XD

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