Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I got my own book!

Well actually not really my own book, but i did all the book except the writing (maybe someday, i will release my own book, written by me and draw by myself).
Last two months (January and February)are busy months, there a lot of job and its impossible for me to update my own blog, art one, review book or just personal blog :(

I still have one problem about my Children book, hopefully it will get done this month *crossfinger* Anyway i get this amazing project, i know i'm almost overloaded with projects, but i cannot pass this one because i really really love this book at first time when i read the writing, and what the writer want for style.
And also i got a chance to draw animal and no human, its awesome :D

This is just sample when i pitched for the job, i just like flat colored artwork.

I cannot post sample inside since the book itself still not unpublished, if published, i will gladly to post more :D, i love playing with color and distorted drawing. 
So here the cover sample, i'm looking forward for this book ^_^

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