Sunday, March 11, 2018

Jataka Illustration

This time is super long time not to post, its been like...2 years ago? I hope I can be more active, there several project already released at bookstore and some put on event. But now I'm gonna put illustration that I did for awhile for Buddhist related story, yeah this is first time I did religion based illustration, I myself not Buddhist but I found its really interesting story, I hope I can get another illustration job of many religion books, any religion are good so its nice to see what they teach in their books.

The Illustration itself already put in here for teaser, remember these pages ? I can't show it all since its not published yet, so today I put my pages here.

This is the cover, its contain several stories with several amazing illustrator too. The book itself is selfpublishing by Ehipassiko foundation, so may or may not be put on major bookstore, but you can get it via their website:

This are sample of my part, sorry I blurred the text, I love the result.

Last, I put my illustration sample here, I personally love this one (I used these for teaser too). I found myself really love to draw with Indian theme, particularly the bright color and India pattern are beautiful, I hope someday I managed to draw another India theme illustration again.

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